SEO software basically boils down to two things- keywords and content. All optimization tools need to be geared around these aspects in order to get your website noticed. First, look at your meta-tags; these are your Title, Description, and Keywords. A good optimization technique is using keywords that have relatively low competition. Next, try to incorporate as many popular keywords in your description as possible. This is tricky, because if your description is stuffed with keywords, then you will be branded as spam and be penalized. Finally, you need to consolidate all your most important keywords and separate them with commas.

Search engines love nothing more than unique content. No matter what kind of SEO software you use, you have to make sure you provide original and fresh content on your website. It is also important to make sure that this content has a good keyword density as well.

Its also a good idea to build your links. These are essentially what point back to you and they really help to boost page rankings. A good way to do this is to submit a steady stream of articles to article directories. Make sure you include a link to your website in all of them- the more you send out, the more links you’ll have out there linking back to you. Best of all, this is all generated from unique content.

You can also trade or even buy links from other websites. Joining forums is a wonderful way to do this- not only can you swap links with others, you’ll also get the chance to do some valuable networking. These tools and good SEO software can make a positive difference to your website.