Web Page Design

You know search engines spew millions of pages on a single keyword, what is not so well known is that SEO tools can improve your position in search engine rankings by a factor greater than 100! A good SEO tool can guide you on how your keywords fare and as a result, you can improve your web sites considerably.


When you look at SEO tools, they handle two basic, but very different issues of your web page design. The first of these is on page optimization and the other refers to off page optimization.

Of these two, on page optimization is far easier to achieve, but as it is in real life, the easier work pays less. Therefore, you need to work on off page optimization as well.

On page optimization refers to managing your title tags, Alt – Image tags, ensuring optimum keyword density, providing high quality subject matter and ensuring that the site can be navigated with ease. In short, it refers to the structure of your site and its content. You cannot hope to survive in cyber land if you ignore any of these issues. This is actually the entry ticket to a good web presence.

But there is the more complex, more dependent on the external world issue of off page optimization. This looks at how your web site relates to others around it. This includes factors like link popularity, reciprocal and non-reciprocal linking – where you consciously build two way and one way links. It also looks at issues such as the usage of keywords in linking teat and the utilization of pay per click advertising. Directory and search engine submissions are also part of this strategy.

Off page optimization, as I mentioned earlier, has far greater value to your business. Therefore, this is a crucial aspect of your web business management that you can only ignore at your per